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Sodium Aescinate
Product Name: Sodium Aescinate
CAS.NO: 20977-05-3

Sodium Aescinate Introduce
Product Name: Sodium Aescinate
CAS.NO: 20977-05-3
Molecular Formula: C55H85NaO24
Molecular Weight: 1153.20
Synonyms: Escin Monosodium Salt
Purity: ≥98%

Sodium Aescinate    20977-05-3

Category :

Pharmaceuticals and Intermediates

CAS NO : 20977-05-3
MF :  C55H85NaO24
MW : 1153.20
Sodium Aescinate efficacy
and application

Aescigenin has been shown to promote circulation through the veins. Aescigenin fosters normal tone in the walls of the veins, thereby promoting return of blood to the heart.
This has made both topical and internal horse chestnut extracts popular in Europe for the treatment of chronic venous insufficiency and, to a lesser extent, varicose veins. Aescigenin also possesses ant-inflammatory properties and has been shown to reduce edema (swelling with fluid) following trauma, particularly following sports injury, surgery, and head injury.
Function: Anti-effusion and ant-inflammation; Increase the vein strein and Strengthens veins; Reduces swelling in the legs; Improve blood circulation.
Molecular Structure : Sodium Aescinate;20977-05-3

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